How To Style a Console Table

Adding a console table to your space can completely change the look of your room. Whether you’re adding it to the entryway, behind a sofa, or up against a wall close to your dining table, you want to make sure you make the most of it. 

You’ll want to start by keeping layers in mind. Mixing up elements will create a balanced feel and will allow the eyes to rest easily. Wood, metal, textiles and greenery are some staples. 

When it comes to selecting your decor, consider layers, levels, balance and height. We like to anchor the table with a rug and a large decor piece to go in the center. This can be a mirror or framed artwork. Also consider the shapes as well. Round mirrors can pair well with linear, straight tables, while rectangular artwork pairs well with rounded corners. 

Sitting on top of the table, you’ll want to put a vase with greenery on one side, and a lamp that reaches approximately the same height on the other. Now, there’s no “rule” to this, so keep in mind that we are just laying it out as an example for you! But by all means, be creative and use what feels right to you! 

In between your taller pieces, you’ll want to go down to a medium-height level and place these items between the two end pieces. In the center, you can always stack books and place a sentimental piece on top. There are many ways to acheive the balanced look for your space! 

Under the table, you can use baskets with blankets, firewood, pillows, etc.. Wherever you are styling this console is a good way to determine what to put underneath. If you’re in need of storage, baskets are a great way to go! If you are styling for looks only, maybe use two throw pillows that are different sizes, stacked together on one side. 

There are no rules here, so long as it looks and feels right. You want your space to feel well balanced and intentional! Most importantly, have fun while doing this, and be confident!!

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